Lightweight Pfadfinder evo

48,000.00 kr inkl. moms

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Lightweight Pfadfinder evo!

Material: Carbon

Profil: 36mm

Bredd: 24mm

Vikt: 1415g

Maxvikt: 120kg

Clincher, Tubeless, Disc Centerlook


Ingenious idea and clever construction.


Unique riding comfort on gravel

PFADFINDER EVO is based on the technologies and characteristics of the WEGWEISER EVO. Because it can now be equipped with tire width of up to 40 mm, it is now even better suited for gravel. The optimized layup maintains the familiar precision and performance, but in combination with wider tires, the riding comfort increases significantly. Thanks to state of the art high-modulus CFRP fibers, PFADFINDER EVO impresses with unparalleled braking precision.


Shimano 11s, Sram XDR 12s