Lightweight Fernweg evo 63mm

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Lightweight Fernweg evo.

Material: Carbon

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Profil: 63mm Aero

The advantages and disadvantages of an Aero wheel set

When it comes to aerodynamics, wheels play a decisive role, but only at high speeds from around 40 km/h. Rim height and aerodynamics are inseparably linked. The high rim dissipates the airflow better, thus ensuring less drag and you can put more speed on the road. Additionally every racing bike with high-profile wheels looks faster and more aggressive and becomes a real eye-catcher on the road. High profile wheels are the epitome of a fast and beautiful aero or time trial bike.

A disadvantage of these wheels, however, is that the height of the rim makes them more sensitive to strong crosswinds. Furthermore, the weight often increases because the wheel has a higher rim.

The high art is to find the perfect mix and balance between handling, weight, aerodynamics and wind sensitivity. Every manufacturer finds his own way here and implements his own standards and ideas of the perfect wheel.

Every manufacturer has to make compromises when developing an aero wheel set. With the FERNWEG, Lightweight has an aero wheel in its portfolio that convinces with its combination of weight, stiffness, air resistance and wind sensitivity and makes a balanced ride possible.

The Lightweight FERNWEG is an aero wheelset with extremely high stability, a relatively low weight and an optimal weight distribution. The FERNWEG 85 mm disc wheelset weighs just 1765 g, the 63 mm disc set 1695 g. The 85 mm non-disc version (rim brake) weighs 1625 g in the clincher version and 1500 g as a tubular set. The 63 mm variant for rim-braked road bikes weighs 1560 g in the clincher version and 1435 g as a tubular version.

The fight for every single gram can be at the expense of stiffness. Lightweight is known for best values regarding stiffness. This also continues with the FERNWEG. At 80 Newton per millimetre (N/mm) the aerodynamic wheels are on average around 20 N/mm stiffer than comparable aero rims. The high stiffness of Aero wheels ensures agile handling and good acceleration.

Especially in crosswind conditions, the new design of the long-distance track comes into its own. Practical tests clearly showed that the triathlete has to leave his aerodynamic seating position later, as the wheel remains stable for a long time. This was also confirmed in the wind tunnel. Here, the FERNWEG shows a lower wind sensitivity than comparable competitors, even in crosswinds. This secures valuable seconds and ensures a comfortable ride.

The full carbon wheels from Lightweight FERNWEG at a glance

Modern aerodynamic carbon high profile rims not only have lower air resistance, but also possess a number of other properties:

  • Low susceptibility of the wheelsets to cross winds and gusts
  • Reduced air resistance with lateral inflow up to the gliding effect (possibility of propulsion)
  • Very stiff wheelset due to new construction compared to the predecessor, optimized carbon layer structure and laminated spokes
  • Good braking behaviour and longer wheel life due to local laminate reinforcement on the brake tracks
  • Very good braking performance of the DISC version, not least thanks to the innovative pentagon hub
  • Better steering behaviour and improved aerodynamics compared to the previous model
  • Light weight despite high rim
  • The models FERNWEG C 63, FERNWEG C 85, FERNWEG T 63, FERNWEG T 85, FERNWEG EVO 63 and FERNWEG EVO 85 are UCI-compliant (comply with the applicable UCI rules)

Shimano 11s, Sram XDR 12s